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Vocals are done!

2011-08-08 21:06:24 by Firago

Now we're in business! Remember me talking about recording vocals (aka the only other post I ever made? XD)? Well, they didn't turn out very good. But now we've re-recorded them, and they are great! Now I'm still an amateur at this whole mastering business, but the song is definitely going in the direction I want, so hopefully I won't be the only one to like it! It should be up on NG in a week or so, when I have time to finish tweaking it, so look forward to it.

Once again, thanks for the support to those who are concerned, and to everyone else, I hope you'll enjoy what I make!

Also, leave comments on my songs so that I can improve them and improve myself! A vote is great, a comment is greater!



Finally got a singer!

2011-06-07 10:23:33 by Firago

ALLLLLRRRIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTTT!!! Finaly got a girl I know to accept doing some vocals for my next track!

We're testing on thursday, and hopefully we'll manage to get a bit done. Since this will be my first time using vocal tracks in my works, things might go completely wrong, but you never know 'till you try, right?

I'm also working on finishing the editing on another track I have, and hopefuly I'll be able to post that up pretty soon. Fingers crossed! XD

And while I'm at it, here's a question to whoever might read this : what do you guys do when you want vocals for a track? Do you do it yourselves (you godly being, you!), ask a friend who has a nice voice, ask a pro, ask around on newgrounds? Do you record it yourselves, or just ask for the audio track?

Hope to hear from you guys, and to whom it may concern, thanks for supporting me!

Leave comments on my songs so I can improve!